Friday, November 15, 2013

Aio Remote "Android" v3.4.8 is another major update introducing Online Remotes Gallery

Download Aio Remote from Google Play

  • Online Remotes Gallery totally redesigned.
  • If you designed a great custom remote, share it with the world.
  • See remote description, number of downloads, ratings, comments!
  • Filter remotes by target (Computer/Android).
  • Sort remotes by Date/Name/Downloads.


  • Online Remotes Gallery is totally redesigned to support powerful features in current and coming updates.

  • You can filter remotes by target device (Android/Computer)

  • Sort remotes by (Publish date/ Name/ Number of downloads).

  • See remote description, number of downloads, targeted device, targeted app link to download, and more details about the user who created this remote (name, mail, country, twitter, BBM).
  • Download remote or open it if you already downloaded it before.
  • Download may take time if remote has images so downloading will be in background and you will be notified when remote is downloaded.

  • See remote screenshot to decide if you want to download it or not.

  • See users ratings and comments and you can comment/rate this remote if you tried it.

And here is a video highlights the major improvements in the last couple of updates:

  • Create fully customized custom remotes.
  • Share your remotes with users around the world using Online Remotes Gallery.
  • Control Another Android device.

Now, It is your turn to create great remotes and share them with all users around the world.

Download Aio Remote from Google Play

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