Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aio Remote "Android" v3.4.7 is a major update introducing Android control

I'm happy to announce the new update v3.4.7 of Aio Remote for Android.

V3.4.7 is a major update with a lot of features, improvements and bug fixes.

Doawnload it from Google Play

- Custom remotes totally redesigned from scratch to add very powerful features in current version and coming versions.
- Now you can control another Android device. It still under development but I wanted to share a beta version with you.
- Many improvements requested by users and  bug fixes.

  • Now you can connect to another Android phone tablet:
    • In "client" device, press "connect" button in main screen. 
    • When you are in "remote devices" screen, press "add" button. 
    • In "Add Remote Device" dialog, select "android" from "Device Type" drop down list.

    • In "Server device", select "Server Mode" in action bar and follow instructions.

  • Custom remotes totally redesigned to add very powerful features. You can create any remote ever you imagine if you know how to use Aio Remote designer.
    • Introducing "Creation wizard" which lets you create remote from scratch, from predefined template or as a copy from existing remote.

    •  Now, you can choose between portrait and landscape.

    •  Choose if your remote targets computer or Android.

    •  If you target computer, choose targeted operating systems.

    •  If you are creating custom remote using template, choose the template you want. More templates will be added in future versions.

    • This an example to "MousePad" template:

    • This is an example to "GamePad" template:

    •  If you are creating custom remote as a copy from existing remote, choose the remote you want to copy. 

    • You can use multitouch (2 fingers) to resize buttons. Choose "resize mode" from action bar: "Width,Height,Both" 

    • For accurate positioning and resizing, double click or long press on a button and choose "Accurate position/size"

    • Enter X,Y,Width and Height

    • Button properties updated to simplify adding title, forground color, backgound color and background image

    • Color picker updated to choose any color ever you imagine. You can even choose  transparency degree. This useful if you an image of a remote, you can set it as background to your custom remote then add transparent buttons on top of buttons of the background image. With this hack, you can simulate any remote ever in less than a minute.

    • Now you can assign action to the key press of the button. Choose between "Keyboard" and "Mouse". More types will be added in coming updates. 

    •  Now you can add mousePad to your remote and modify its background color or add background image.

    •  Now you can add "JoyStick" to your custom remote

    • You can assign different actions to each of JoyStick arrows

    • With the introduction of Android control, when you create a remote that targets Android, Actions related to Android only will be displayed

  • Other improvements:
    • "Out of memory" bug fixed.
    • Load any number of images with no issues.
    • Images loaded with high quality not pixeled. 
    • "MousePad goes to wrong direction in custom remotes" bug fixed.
    • In custom remote, you can "press on multiple buttons, move finger inside mousePad, move joystick" all in same time.
    • In custom remote, you can move your finger from button to button. Vibration feedback will help you to notice that you moved from button to another. You will not know how really this feature is very helpful until you try it yourself!
    • When you select a button, it will be reordered to be on top of other buttons.
    • When you make button transparent, its border also will become transparent so you can add transparent buttons to a real remote image instead of designing all buttons from scratch.
    • Custom remotes internal code rewritten to support the flexibility to add more huge features in coming versions
    • As Custom remotes designer is redesigned, it introduces new custom remote format, you still can import old remotes. Remotes created using older version of Aio Remote are imported and upgraded automatically.
    • Help pages updated to refer to online blog and youtube channel instead of static help. This will give me the ability to update help periodically and receive your direct feedback as comments to my blog posts and youtube channel.
    • add feedback button to main screen to make it easier for you to contact meif you have suggestion or issue.

If I have time, I will record a video tutorial showing how to master custom remotes designer and how to control another Android device.

Don't forget to download latest version 3.4.7 and give me your feedback in comments or send mail to support@aioremote.net


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