Sunday, February 2, 2014

Aio Remote "Android" v3.4.9 introduces many requested features

Download Aio Remote from Google Play

  • Create shortcut for custom remote on home launcher .
  • Custom remote new action: Show virtual keyboard
  • Custom remote new action: Show text input
  • Custom remote new action: Write text by voice
  • Custom remote new action: Send predefined texts
  • Custom remote new action: Open another custom remote from your custom remote
  • Custom remote new action: Open built in remote from your custom remote
  • Media players: Remember selected media player
  • Android to Android control: receive control from trusted IP’s only
  • Better support: Chat directly with developer from inside app!
  • Help page simplified 
  • Remote description is displayed in remote viewer
  • Mouse pad : new action: show text input
  • Plus many small improvements.


- You can send me your suggestions or issues directly without sending mail by selecting "Chat with developer!" from home screen action bar. You will send messages to me directly and when I send you the response, you will receive a notification. You can chat with me directly from inside app :)

- You can create shortcut to your favorite custom remote on your home launcher so you can open remote quickly:
     - from remote viewer: select "Create shortcut"

- Or from remotes list, long press on custom remote: select "Create shortcut"

- In Mouse Pad, now you have a new action "Show text input" so you can write all the text first by keyboard or by voice then press "Ok" to send all the text once to computer. This is helpful if you want to use alternative keyboards "Such as Swybe" or you want to use voice writing or you want to copy text from outside app and paste it to remote computer.

- In Media Players, now application will remember your last used media player even if you restarted your device.

- In Custom Remote Designer, Now you have new actions: 
  • showVirtualKeyboard
  • showTextInput
  • sendPredifinedText
  • openBuiltInScreen
  • openCustomRemote

- "Send predefined Text" is a very useful feature if you - for example - write a lot of mails on your computer with many common sentences such as "Thank you for your mail", "Sorry to be late", "Regards,".  So you can add these predefined texts as actions to your custom buttons and put your phone/tablet beside your computer. When you need to write a predefined text, just click on a button on your custom remote.

- Open another remote (Built in/ Custom Remote) from your custom remote was a highly requested feature.

- Displaying virtual keyboard inside custom remote was a highly requested feature.

- Anyone knows the IP of your Android device, can control it from another Android device. Now, you can receive control from trusted IP's only. Configure it in settings page.

- Other features:
- You can browse files and launch them on another Android device from your Android device (Beta).

- Simplified help page with updated content

- If you downloaded custom remote and want to know how to use it, select "Remote Description" from action bar in remote viewer screen.

- New screens for rating app and spread the word.

- This update has many requested features. Hope you enjoyed it. Help me by rating app and spread the word.  Thank you :)

Download Aio Remote from Google Play


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