Friday, December 19, 2014

AioRemote v3.5.0 adds Android-Android Bluetooth control and keyboard unicode writing

In this version, Keyboard finally got a big improvement plus the highly requested feature "Android-Android control via Bluetooth"

You can get Aio Remote v3.5.0 from Google Play and Amazon App store:

You need to get latest desktop app v3.5.0 from

Updates in more details:

  • Android- Android control through Bluetooth

  • Big improvement to keyboard:
  • add missing keyboard keys
  • support unicode letters: you can write Arabic, Chinese, Emoji… etc (tested on Mac/Linux)

  • Support voice writing in all supported languages (English, Arabic,…. etc) (tested on Mac/Linux)

  • Support for Hacker’s keyboard to simulate computer ALT,CTRL,Arrows,Function keys,…. etc

  • Support volume up/down buttons to control computer volume (tested on Mac/Linux)
  • Support for Swype keyboard
  • Support for Go keyboard
  • Support for SwiftKey keyboard
Waiting your feedback on latest updates.

1 comment:

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